Minggu, 24 April 2011

Google Voice Callback FREE

Minggu, 24 April 2011

This app detects your outgoing call, and uses Google Voice (GV) to call you back and connect you to the call.

With appropriate setup, Google Voice Callback can help you to get free outgoing calls.

Detailed controls giving YOU the flexibility and power to choose when and for which numbers to use callback with Google Voice.

Google Voice Callback can be combined with Gizmo5/Sipdroid/Fring/Sipgate or other VOIP solutions to make free calls over wifi or 3G.

If you use multiple callback number (home/work/SIP, etc.), there is an option for you to choose between those callback numbers before every call.

• Auto-answer the callback call
• Call log clean up: call log looks like just as you would expect when placing an outgoing call
• You can choose to use callback for all calls, or be asked before every call.
• Turn callback on/off with flexible weekly schedule
• Filter whether to use callback by number/wildcard
• Can use Google Voice accounts on the phone (no password needed)
• Home screen shortcut to toggle on/off
• Locale/Tasker plugin to turn on/off

If you like the app, or the app has saved you money, please consider donating by buying the donate version of the same app!

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Recent changes:
v0.10.1 / 0.10.2
- now you can choose from multiple callback numbers when making a call (just select multiple callback numbers in the settings)
- minor fixes

- option to auto append area code to outgoing numbers
- homescreen shortcuts to change callback number
- much more powerful tasker/locale plugin: check it out!
- an menu item to "test" a number against filter rules
- other (see website for details)

Latest version: 0.10.2 (for all Android versions)
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