Minggu, 03 April 2011

Mute RD Application for Android

Minggu, 03 April 2011

RD MUTE for Android
Application helps you to turn off the phone while still alive. Flip will be facing down and will make your phone silent. Mute RD, a simple way to activate the silent mode automatically.
FEATURES on RD Mute To Android:
1. RD Mute for the android has Exception List (If you do not want to miss an important call for you)
2. RD Mute for androidmemiliki choice on your Telephone. (Can work without a GPS)
3. RD Mute for android is sent an SMS to the last option if the call is not answered to your Telephone.
4. RD Mute for the android has an option to send SMS filter specific numbers.
5. RD Mute for androiddapat used to save battery.
6. RD Mute for the android has a widget to display next to on / off.
NOTICE For user application for android RD Mute:
It is suggested that to enable GPS on this application in order to get better performance on your Telephone.
If you think you are having problems with battery after installation RD Mute, please update the latest version and check the "Incoming Call Only" on the choice of the settings and try again to really succeed.
Users on this Mute RD Application:
Wysiwyg (Epic Samsung 4G) gisulan (Motorola Milestone) jakeanvil (HTC Evo 4G) srteach (A854) silentblu (Samsung Galaxy S) saintdirty (Motorola Milestone)
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