Selasa, 12 April 2011

Poke Pal for Android

Selasa, 12 April 2011


Consider Poké Pal your Best Friend when it comes to Pokémon Training, and the extended version of Effort Value Counter! Poké Pal contains a multitude of features to help you in your endeavor to become a Pokémon master! Some of these functions include:

• Built in Pokémon Black and White PokéDex with every Pokémon's details such as movesets, stats, EV Yields, etc.

• Compare function to determine which of your favorite Pokémon is statistically superior

• Built in EV Counter that allows full functionality with EV Training (Pokérus, Vitamins, all EV Boosting Items) so you can store the EV Spreads of an unlimited amount of Pokémon

• Built in AttackDex with detailed descriptions of every move in the the Black and White games!

• Built in AbilityDex with details on each Ability's power ups for Pokémon

• Type Test function that allows the user to input types to determine all weaknesses and resistances

• Type Trial function to determine the effectiveness of moves on particular types

• Poké Lookup function to easily find your favorite Pokémon

• Move Mix function to determine Pokémon that are capable of learning a specific moveset

• Lists of Best places to EV Train, in EV Hot Spots

• Detailed guide on the aspects of EV Training

• Nature chart

• Dozens of regularly updated Themes

And various other capabilities are added over time!

Content and information provided by Bulbapedia and Bulbagarden Media Group under the Creative Commons License.
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As Poké Pal is newly released, please expect a lot of changes and almost daily updates! Help Khatto Software in the endeavor to improve Poké Pal by sending any possible suggestion or tip for improvement to kappahattori@gmail.com! Please help in the effort to make Poké Pal your dream Pokémon app!
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