Senin, 09 Mei 2011

Dead Space 2 Game Guide

Senin, 09 Mei 2011

This App is a quick-fire guide that lets you explore areas of the game in a convenient and easy to use mobile Application.

This App Features:

❖ Multiplayer weapons, stats and info
❖ Abilities Information
❖ Suit Information
❖ Multiplayer Modes
❖ Sprawl Security & Necromorph Info
❖ Multiplayer Map details
❖ DS2 Forum
❖ DS2 News from Facebook
❖ DS2 Tweets on Twitter
❖ Achievement & Trophy Lists

Learn more about the weapons that are available on the arm of the multiplayer. Read in the team and various game modes in multiplayer mode and see all the multiplayer maps are available on the card.

If you have questions about the game, or if you want to answer questions from players, or you just want to chat with fans such as enthusiasm, application and enter our Forum.

And finally, the more you will find news of Facebook, a commentary on Twitter Fan, achievements and the Cup.

Internet connection required for some areas of this request, so please make sure you are connected to one of the cellular data network or Wi-Fi is stable. Wi-Fi is recommended.

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