Minggu, 15 Mei 2011

Finger Bowling for android

Minggu, 15 Mei 2011

Product Features Finger Bowling for android

* Bowling game for your Android phone
* Balls rolled with a flick of your finger
* Three different games make up your score
* Spin and speed control
* Shareable results

Product Description Finger Bowling for android

Finger Bowling brings the classic pin game to your Android phone. Aim for strikes and spares as you flick the ball at the pins with your finger. Finger Bowling features a clean and easy interface, realistic pin action, and several variations aimed at keeping you on your game.

Finger Bowling tests your skill by placing the ball in different parts of the lane--you'll have to get good at aiming from a variety of spots. You can spin the ball and alter its speed by the way you move your finger on the screen.

The Normal mode plays just as you would expect. The lanes are flat and fast and behave consistently.

In Tilted mode, it's as if the lanes were slopped. A different tilt factor and the direction of the tilt is provided before each shot. Tilting either left or right with different amounts each time, taking aim is especially challenging and practice is required before.

Twisty mode is the most challenging. You see the direction and amount of the twist but the result is both horizontal and vertical, requiring considerable skill for a perfect shot.
Add three

Your total score consists of the combined scores from the three different games. And if you get a worthy score, Finger Bowling lets you post your results and view the top scores by day, week, or month.
Developer Info
Bluesky Studio is an independent studio focused on developing and producing mobile applications, especially games for Android and iPhone.
Technical Details Finger Bowling for android

* Size: 852.1KB
* Version: 2.1
* Developed By: Bluesky Studio
Application Permissions: (Help me understand what permissions mean)
o Read only access to phone state.
o Get information about the currently or recently running tasks: a thumbnail representation of the tasks, what activities are running in it, etc.
o Open network sockets.
* Minimum Operating System: Android 1.5
* Approximate Download Time: Less than 10 seconds

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