Jumat, 24 Juni 2011

AntiDroidTheft For Android

Jumat, 24 Juni 2011

Add extra to security to your phone if it is lost or stolen. Track its location and take pictures on the internet through the Anti Droid Theft website at www.antidroidtheft.com. Its features include:

- View position of phone using GPS
- Track changes to SIM card / phone numbers
- Spy camera, view pictures taken from phone's camera.

Anti Droid Theft is one of the oldest and most popular anti theft apps used to secure your phone by using GPS tracking and other security features. I created it when my previous smart phone was stolen, with the hope that if it ever happened again I could always track my phone to find out where it was. Many people have since used it to find their lost or stolen phones.

Another use that many people have been using Anti Droid Theft for is child tracking, keeping tabs on their children should the need ever arise.

I hope to continue to release new versions of Anti Droid Theft that will offer more and more features to help defend against theft.

Message from a user:

"Thanks for such an awesome app, accidentally left my phone in pocket whilst skydiving, a highly educated guess is that it fell out of pocket at 1000 feet and somehow survived (muddy field after heave rain!) but could have landed anywhere your app made it very easy to find. Loosing my data would have been very inconvenient. Thank you so much"
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Recent changes AntiDroidTheft For Android:
- Fix Server problems related to too many people using app at the same time

- Allow install to sd card

- Add Manual SMS restart of app

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