Selasa, 09 Agustus 2011

Elf City Online | Elf City Online for Android

Selasa, 09 Agustus 2011

Welcome to Elf City where you and your friends can create your new civilization on this wonderful planet.

build and decorate your city with Great Villa,Palace,Town Hall and Arch. Check the screenshots for sample of wonderful cities.
come and visit others to praise their city. add friends then you can praise more.

Provides Elf City Online for Android:
* over 80 home, public buildings, decorations and market products.
* design and build your city with your imagination.
* send gifts to your friends.
* praise other's city and also get bonus by collect them
* notification when goods are sold.
* gain coins when your sold goods.

Rate me 5 if you like this game. email us if any suggestions

* fix the visit button in news feed and message broad
* add task system that get rewards when you finished
* add top user ranks by level, happiness and so on.
* add notification for vistor and messages
* support delete friends
* support tablet now. full tested on xoom
* add citizen that walk on our city. you can try to talk with them.
* support get free coins by share this game, via tapjoy, and give us valuable feedbacks
* enlarge the size of map

Recent changes Elf City Online for Android :
* refresh praise status more frequently
* support add friend when you visit him
* payment is under upgrading now. we will update as soon as possible.
* Fix freezing and force close issue when start another app or get a incoming call
* support Google checkout as payment

Elf City Online for Android


NAMA ANDA - 11.14

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