Kamis, 11 Agustus 2011

Job Search HireADroid

Kamis, 11 Agustus 2011

New - search jobs on LinkedIn!
Find your dream job with HireADroid the only Android job search app that supports single query across multiple job search engines and multiple countries

FEATURES Job Search HireADroid :
* NEW! LinkedIn job search is added
* NEW! See your recently viewed jobs on the search screen
* Viewed jobs are marked read similar to email Inbox
* Mark jobs as favorites and see all selected jobs in one location
* Annotate favorite jobs with your own comments
* Search LinkUp, Beyond.com, LinkedIn, SimplyHired, Indeed.com & CareerBuilder from one single query
* Save and load frequent searches, post, email, tweet, note, etc
* Widget
* Integrated quick search

TIPS Job Search HireADroid :
* Use multiple keywords
* Use specially formatted terms such as title(Sales) or company(Google)
* If auto-location fails please input location manually
* Location accepts postal (zip) code or combination of city, state
* People in UK or other locals, please enter location manually and don't forget to select (re-select) your country from dropdown list
* Do you know that you can search from results view without going back to the home view? Simply click hard/soft button on your device
* To search on LinkedIn you need LinkedIn account (www.linkedin.com)
* Currently LinkedIn supports localized searches by ZIP code only (no 'city, name')

HireADroid is a search aggregator. Final listing is provided by vendors. How to apply for a job is up to the vendor. You may want to email listings to yourself or opt to open detailed listing in the mobile browser to simplify the process. Both of these options are available from the menu

Recent changes Job Search HireADroid :
v. 3.1.1
* Fixed LinkedIn login fails for country other than US
* Minor bug fixes

Job Search HireADroid 


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