Jumat, 19 Agustus 2011

Mango - manga reader FOR Android

Jumat, 19 Agustus 2011

★ Featured app in Comics category!
★ Most popular manga reader with 650,000 downloads and nearly 45,000 people reading every day!

Mango is a free, ad-supported manga (Japanese comics) reader for Android. Choose from a huge library of thousands of fan-translated manga, including Bleach, One Piece, Naruto, Fairy Tail, Air Gear, Vampire Knight, Gantz, Soul Eater, D.Gray-man, and thousands more! Looking to replace Manga Browser? Look no further!

•Huge selection
Read any manga from a library of over 8,000 titles, with more sources being added all the time. Keep up with your favorites, or find new manga to read!

•Speed (it's fast! really fast!)
The Mango Service strips down HTML data before sending it to the phone, speeding up download times. Mango can load all 7,000 of MangaFox's titles in just a few seconds, and all on one page!

•Great UI
No one likes to use ugly, poorly designed apps. That's why Mango was created with user interface design in mind from the start and features an attractive, easy-to-use UI. Plus, it works and looks great on tablets like the Samsung Galaxy S Tab and the Motorola Xoom too!

•Offline Reading
Download entire chapters to your phone's SD card, then read them later whenever you want without an internet connection using the My Library feature. At work, at school, or even on a plane!

•Advanced Favorites System
Mango's new favorites system lets you keep track of your favorite manga in one list, and offers lots of organization options like tagging, sorting, filtering, and search. Plus, Mango will automatically keep track of your reading progress for favorited manga!

•Awesome reader
Since you'll be spending most of your time reading, Mango's Pagereader has lots of nifty features to make reading more enjoyable. With smooth scrolling, pinch zoom, swipe gesture controls, jump-to-page with preview thumbnails, and animations, Mango delivers a seamless reading experience that's as close as you can get to an actual tankĊbon.

•Responsive support
Every screen in the app features a "Send Feedback" menu option that lets you get in contact with me directly. Have an issue, comment, or suggestion? Please let me know!

•No ads while reading
Nothing kills the immersion and excitement of the latest Naruto chapter more than a stupid ad for "Date Local Singles!". So, Mango's Pagereader is ad-free!

‹Coming Soon›
Mango got even better with the recent 1.2 update, but there's still more stuff in the works!

•Notifications! Subscribe to your favorite manga to be notified when new chapters are available!

•Recommendations! Mango will suggest new manga for you based on your favorites!

•Social-ness! Comment and discuss your favorite manga with other Mango users, right in the app!

•Better control options!

•Unified Manga View! Browse through all of Mango's manga sources in one list!

•MyAnimeList.net Sync! Keep your reading list on MAL (like Facebook for anime and manga fans) up-to-date as you read!

•More languages! French, German, Italian, Arabic, Russian, and Chinese sites will be added in the future!


Send us mail!

Find us on Facebook or Twitter to beta test new features and to read about progress updates!

Please support the mangaka who draw your favorite manga and the publishers that bring them to your local bookstores. If you find a manga you enjoy in Mango, support the creators and buy it! (besides, even Mango isn't quite as good as the actual book! :P)

Recent changes:
-Fixed nine different force close crashes
-Fixed broken "Disable Tap" and "Disable Swipe"

v1.3.118 (Zangetsu)
-Completely redesigned Bookmarks system, now called Favorites, with better usability, organization, and progress tracking!
-Read/unread chapter tagging
-Improved History screen
-Improved chapter lists (online and My Library)
-My Library is now integrated with History
-More options to customize reading controls
-Downloader stability has been improved
-Added tutorials


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