Rabu, 10 Agustus 2011

Super Manager | Super Manager for Android

Rabu, 10 Agustus 2011

this is a powerful system utility for Android

• We often update and add new features, if you prefer to use old buggy software, we recommend that you do not install it
• You can download the user manual (PDF file) in our website. http://gpc.myweb.hinet.net/supermanager_manual.pdf
• This is free-full-functional edition.
• If you like it, you can buy the donation edition from Android Market now.(see "View more applications" below).

File Explorer: a transitional File Explorer with file operation.

File Explorer(ROOT): it is also a ROOT Explorer if you rooted your device first.

Task Manager: View the process memory usage and auto memory clean up

APK Manager: Remove, View, Backup installed APK

APP Protector: Lock your customize apps

File Encrypt and Decrypt with AES 256bits (only for donation edition)

FTP Client for evaluation,Integrated with File Explorer,Transmission Queue,FTP Download and Upload with transmission resuming at break-points

We will SUPPORT "Samba" "CIFS" in our File Explorer

Super Launcher: Device Information, Quick Launch, Switcher, Shortcut, Tethering Switch,Power Current Logger, Mobile Internet Switch

Super Launcher(ROOT):Screen Capture, Quick Reboot

Recent changes Super Manager for Android :
2011/08/07 v2.3.2
Modify: fix the filename with "&" in the ROOT Explorer
Modify: fix the CameraLight LED on some devices (MOTO ATRIX)
Modify: fix the screen capture on some devices (MOTO ATRIX)
Modify: fix the GPS Toggle in Super Launcher

2011/07/28 v2.3.1
Add: new feature, support Samba in File Explorer
Add: "open directly" in FTP
Modify: change the quality of screen capture JPEG to 100%

Super Manager for Android


NAMA ANDA - 19.04

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