Rabu, 28 September 2011

FidMe for Android

Rabu, 28 September 2011

All your loyalty cards in your mobile ! FidMe, the mobile wallet for tour loyalty cards ! Innovative and easy to use, FidMe : save your loyalty cards ina few seconds. Scan your card in front of the camera and voila !

FidMe is free, with no ad, asks a really few informations if you need to backup your cards. It’s YOUR app before all and with YOUR help we upgrade it !

Available in French and English, FidMe allows you to save up to 1200 loyalty cards from all Europe, United States and Canada !
You have loyalty cards from your favorites local shops ? You can use your own pictures ! You share cards with your family, you have more than one card per store : it’s possible !
With the new barcode generator, cards are now even more realistic and display is really close of the plastic versions.
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To add your first loyalty card : follow the guide. Select a card, scan the code (or type it), It’s done ! FidMe will recover logo and card informations. You can then use FidMe to checkout in most of the store without any network connexion !

To use your loyalty card to checkout in store : just tap one the card you want and show it for the checkout. You can display it real size by tilting the mobile phone !
To delete a card : Swipe your finger on the card name, and click delete.

In stores : the brightness of your mobile phone must be at its max, and the screen clean. If the scan reader can’t read your card, ask the code to be typed for checkout. Equipments are evolving fast, mobiles are recognized better and better. Of course, there are still stores that can’t read mobile codes, but using FidMe will help technologies to evolve !
Any question, comments ? Don’t hesitate to conatct us on www.fidme.fr or via support@fidme.fr
FidMe on Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/FidMeNews

FidMe is a registered trademark - © Snapp’ 2010

Recent changes:

- Change the app look with 4 exclusives skins
- Sort your card alphabeticaly in one click (at last!)
- Illustrate cards with your camera or from your library
- Follow us on Facebook and Twitter from the app!
- Discount cards accepted
- Display card auto max light
- Card owner gender, search, date of birth, generated barcode bug fixes
- FidMe is available in French, English and Spanish!

Huge thanks to all of you for your feedback!


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