Minggu, 02 Oktober 2011

Aqua Pets for Android

Minggu, 02 Oktober 2011

Do you like cool fish? Are you looking for a beautiful free live wallpaper aquarium for your phone? If so, then Aqua Pets is the game for you.

Aqua Pets is the best free fishing, fish tank, and aquarium game for your Android phone. We want to make this the very best game for YOU! If you run into any issues, please report them along with the model of your phone and your carrier to support@bionicpandagames.com. Also scroll down to see the list of KNOWN ISSUES. Thank you!

Aqua Pets is the best free fishing, fish tank, and aquarium game for your Android phone. Aqua Pets is all about making your phone more fun by catching interesting fish and stocking your aquarium with an exciting array of rare and exotic fish. You can even turn your whole phone into a gigantic aquarium by activating our live wallpaper - keep an eye on your fish even when you're not playing the game! If you're looking for a really cool fish tank or aquarium live wallpaper for your phone, this is the game for you!

We know you'll love Aqua Pets - you can do so much in the game!

-Decorate your aquarium and stock it with the coolest fish you can catch
-Customize your fish tank with rare, common, and legendary fish
-Turn your phone into a gigantic aquarium with our live wallpaper feature
-Discover hidden secrets in the game by fishing with different combinations of rods and bait
-Feed your fish and collect rewards the next day

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- Google's latest Market application version has been known to lock people out of purchasing pearls. They're working on this important bug. We appreciate your patience.

- Some handsets might have issues with Google Checkout purchases. Purchases may be slow and be prone to being lost if the user backs out of the payment screen (so please wait until it completes). Google has acknowledged this problem and is working on it. If you do not receive your virtual goods, please send an email with your order number to support@bionicpandagames.com. Alternatively, use the PayPal method for purchases.

- If you get a force close when trying to purchase with Google Checkout, make sure you have agreed to the terms of the Market application and try again. The Market application needs to be initialized.

- Sometimes the app fails to install properly. We're unsure why as we have no control over the app install process. This results in the app not opening or not being able to save your game. Uninstalling and reinstalling is the only workaround.

- We're working on some force-closes on the Xoom tablet. The Samsung 10.1 appears to be working fine.

- The max level is 70 (for now). This is not a bug. We raise it every time we add more content.

- Sharing sometimes causes an FC. We're still investigating.

- If you are getting a "not enough space" error when trying to install our application, go to Menu->Settings->Manage Applications->Market and tap on the "Clear Cache" button and try again.

- We're still battling the force-closes. We will not give up the fight.

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Recent changes Aqua Pets for Android:
- added new fish, tank backgrounds and rods
- minor bug fixes for tanks and fish food


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