Kamis, 06 Oktober 2011

Fake SMS & Message Faker $Free

Kamis, 06 Oktober 2011

You can create fake message with both fake content and sender.
With this program, you can create fake message with both fake content and sender. You can use it to get out from the meeting, or pranks, jokes and more!

Use this program to create fake SMS!
With this program, you can pretend that something happened and you have to go home in a hurry, excused to get out!

Or pretend to be a in a good mood, while receiveding a lot of love text messages!

Or pretend to receive the discount stores newsletter, then show those to your friends as a joke.

Pretend to have a sent a text message saying "sorry can't not make to the party! ", then blame the carrier for failing to deliver.

Flexible use of this program to meet personal needs.

*Please do not use it illegal and violate ethics!

- This app does NOT send text messages.
- Create fake messages(Received/Sent).
- Support timer to define when it happen.
- Show faked status bar notification.
- Recipients can be typed in directly or selected from all contacts or group contacts or recent contacts . Multiple recipients can be chosen.
- Setting notification ringtone and vibrate.
- Created messages are added to the proper conversation threads. (support multiple recipients thread)
- Not support MMS messages.

***Support us***
If you like Fake Message, please rate 5 star on the market to encourage us, and also please help to recommend Fake Message to your friends, Thanks.

Bad rating won't help us to improve the product, and we can't contact you for more information. We are always listening to and working hard for our users.

Developers are not able to respond to comments posted on the market, so if you have any feature requests, bug reports, question or a problem please either send emails to ow.apps@gmail.com .

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Recent changes:
- Fix some creating conversation bugs.
- Modified some display problems.


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