Rabu, 05 Oktober 2011

Vlingo Virtual Assistant

Rabu, 05 Oktober 2011

Vlingo is your very own Virtual Assistant. Simply speak to Vlingo and it will help you do more stuff, faster and easier than before. Try saying "Text John; What's up?" or "find italian restaurants" or even "update Facebook; I'm on a boat!" Download to learn everything Vlingo can do for you.

“Vlingo will do whatever you've told it to do” - Wall Street Journal
"Vlingo adds Jedi-like levels of mind tricks" - CNET
"Vlingo is dope." - MC Hammer

The Vlingo Keyboard was taken out of the latest version, but you can again replicate the functionality if you have Android 2.2 or higher:
1. Go to Settings
2. Select Voice input & output
3. Select Vlingo under the Voice Recognizer drop down

Then you can access Vlingo via the microphone button on whatever keyboard you use!

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Recent changes:
* New InCar shortcut option
* Better performance for phones with slower network connections.
* Ability to opt-out of previously required speech pack, for regions without access to the Android Market.
* Fixes to device-specific crashes/bugs. (Keep those Market bug reports coming!)
* Web search button added to Vlingo Answers, for quick access to additional information..
* Quicker recognition of recently added contacts.
* New visual countdown animation added for auto-dial screens.
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