Senin, 10 Oktober 2011

XLsms for Android

Senin, 10 Oktober 2011

XLsms extends the functionality of the built in messaging app with cool features like:
- Repeating alerts for new messages;
- Unread messages count widget;
- SMS usage stats for the current and prior month billing cycles;
- Incorporates 3rd party pre-paid SMS providers' services (2-5 cents per message worldwide);
- Free messages between XLsms users(subject to Google's push notifications limits);
- Direct and proxy communication to 3rd party providers;
- Background transparency slider to enjoy your wonderful wallpaper.

If you text a lot and are price cautious, with XLsms you can lower your phone bill by using PennyTel, FishText, many Betamax providers like Poivy, Voipwise, etc. All your messages are hosted in the default messaging app and you can follow a conversation without having to hop from one app into another to figure out what your last message was about.

Many additional features and provider connections are under development.

***Please do not ask questions in the comments section, there is no way to respond to them, use the Android Market or application link to send email.

Recent changes:
- added EasyVoIP & FastVoIP to Betamax providers list;
- added PennyTel proxy messaging option;
- added French localization to interface;
- added hack for superimposing menus on CyanogenMod7 devices;
- notification alert click crash fixed;

Please submit any crash reports.

Pour les utilisateurs français: SVP m'aider à corriger des fautes de frappe.


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