Rabu, 07 Desember 2011

5 Best Android apps 2011

Rabu, 07 Desember 2011

5 Best Android apps 2011
Android OS on the rise be a determinant of android application development is now widely circulated, started a lot of developers Software applications that make their software a version that can be open and in use on android OS.

many android apps also makes the user is sometimes confused in choosing the right application for their use, because sometimes there are many applications that have the same function, this is confusing the user when to pick and choose which application best.

with respect to it, this time we will inform you a little INTERESTING 5 applications that our 2011 ranking of the best and we take a lot of applications in the download in this blog

Well, below is 5 best android apps 2011  version download android app.

1. facebook for android

of course you are familiar with this application, facebook for android is apliaksi facebook that can facilitate you in managing your facebook account without difficulty, because wherever you are, you can manage your facebook account just by using the Android gadgets.

2. Emulator ROMs Plus

3. MediaFire Pro for Android

4. Drag Racing for Android

5. yahoo messenger untuk android

that's five best android apps 2011, please try it, and hopefully 5 android applications 2011 could be beneficial.


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