Sabtu, 31 Desember 2011

GO Locker 3D Worm Theme

Sabtu, 31 Desember 2011

The number one 3D theme in the humankind for GOLocker is now accessible
GO Locker 3D Worm Theme
PREREQUISITE GO Locker 3D Worm Theme

1.GOLocker cannot be let down than v1.08.

2.GOLauncher Past cannot be let down than v2.58.

3.If you have by now installed the beta adaptation, make happy delete it number one.

4、 If you can\t fiddle the difficulty in the manner of restructured. Make happy discontinue GO Cubbyhole by the mission executive and seep it for a second time

Have you eternally opinion in this area sliding slightly anywhere on the contrary not just the boring right-to-left to unlock the shield?

Have you eternally opinion in this area unlocking the shield resembling live fruit ninja?

Have you eternally opinion in this area the GOLocker canister be 3D?

Have you eternally opinion in this area the Gravity Induction canister be what's more old in the GOLocker?

If you just suppose this is just a further standard theme? You’re Banned

GOLocker 3D Worm brings you a utterly pristine live through and overthrows the long-established approach of shield cubbyhole. Wanna be a super mobile restraint? Let’s beginning from GOLocker.

HOW TO Management?

In the manner of position, sweeping GOLocker, click the 3D Worm theme then click the “Apply” close.

When the shield is frivolous optimistic, you’ll obtain a lovely worm climb on the hierarchy with its house and its national. Everything’s delightful in amity.

On the contrary canister you appear banned how to unlock the shield? Just slash the worm to chop it interested in pieces. Scared? You don’t have to. The worm is not a standard human being. He’s a ninja. He preference befall himself to a watermelon when he’s chop. This is what we called “Self protection”. 

Moreover chop, you canister what's more “communicate” with the worm in extra traditions. When you prosecute him, he preference handle uncomfortable and shake his essence. When you shake your make a call, the dew on the grass preference collapse defeat. When you a little focus the shield, you’ll obtain the total humankind is what's more rotating.

Footnote: If you go off to run into slightly omission resembling unlock the shield unsuccessful, make happy elongated prosecute the level close.

The 3D worm is just a initiation. We’ll keep on creating further and further individual and fantastic food.

If have slightly quiz or slightly suspicion, make happy communication us at Golaunchergoforandroid.com

Fresh changes:

1、Fix around Devices(e.g. HTC Hero) stir shield worthless

2、Fix the injure performance respect of stage & time

3、Fix around FC bugs


NAMA ANDA - 02.37

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