Minggu, 25 Desember 2011

Rooted AnyConnect For Android

Minggu, 25 Desember 2011

 Rooted AnyConnect For Android

This release supports ingrained Robot 2.1 campaign. A like-minded tun.ko module is necessary, which must be to be found in datalocalkernelmodules if the tun module is not built addicted to the kernel. The iptables dual is additionally necessary.

For folks not including ransack read, a totally supported production AnyConnect for a set of Samsung platforms is accessible as a individual download from the Robot Advertise.

We cannot certification compatibility, bar give the impression of being promote to your opinion.

Use Report: Rooted AnyConnect For Android

AnyConnect provides trustworthy and easy-to-deploy encrypted complex connectivity from campaign by delivering persistent corporate read for users on the go. Whether on condition that read to multinational communication, a virtual desktop conference, or largely extra Robot applications, AnyConnect enables business-critical use connectivity.


AnyConnect for Robot requires Cisco Adaptive Safety Machine (ASA) Snow boot likeness 8.0(4) or presently. For licensing questions and evaluation licenses, satisfy dealings ac-mobile-license-request (AT) cisco.com and take in a publication of prove edition from your Cisco ASA. If you by now have an Requisites or Premium ASA right, you may perhaps mistreat the automated right call for tool at:


The ASA requires an AnyConnect Mobile right (L-ASA-AC-M-55XX), as well as moreover an AnyConnect Requisites (L-ASA-AC-E-55XX) or AnyConnect Premium Clientless SSL VPN Copy (L-ASA-AC-SSL-YYYY) right, everyplace XX is the keep on two digits of your ASA archetype run to and YYYY is the run to of real-time users. AnyConnect Mobile and Requisites licenses are enabled for every ASA, there is no for every consumer trust for moreover of these licenses.

Facial appearance Rooted AnyConnect For Android:

- Robotically adapts its tunneling to the largely professional fashion based on complex constraints, by means of TLS and DTLS

- DTLS provides an optimized complex relationship

- Complex nomadic capability allows connectivity to resume seamlessly taking into account IP attend to amendment, death of connectivity, or maneuver standby

- Eclectic assortment of substantiation options

- Supports certificate employment by means of AnyConnect integrated SCEP and the certificate import URI handler

- Policies preserve be configured locally, and robotically reorganized from the safety gateway

- Read to in-house IPv4 complex income

- Administrator-controlled tunneling guiding principle


If you are an end-user and have in the least issues or concerns, satisfy dealings your organization’s support region. If you are a Arrangement Commissioner having difficulties configuring or utilizing the Use, satisfy dealings your designated support promontory of dealings.

We are powerless to certification support for entirely campaign.


You preserve impart us with opinion by transfer us a monitor bundle by navigating to Menu Data Troubleshoot Throw Kindling and attend to the communication- to ac-mobile-feedback (AT) cisco.com with a report of the edition. Satisfy comprehend the Renowned Issues section past to transfer opinion.

You preserve touch us on Cheep by directing a peep to AnyConnect, or by visiting our Facebook page at http:www.facebook.comanyconnect.


Users Lead: http:www.cisco.comenUSdocssecurityvpnclientanyconnectanyconnect24android-userguideandroid-acug.html

Release Annotations: http:www.cisco.comenUSdocssecurityvpnclientanyconnectanyconnect24releasenotesrn-ac2.4-android.html

Current changes Rooted AnyConnect For Android:

We listened to your opinion and have integrated the subsequent facial appearance in this inform:

- Faculty to exit the use and stop the VPN tune-up.

- Option to fleece the AnyConnect icon when disconnected.

- Option to disable certain tune-up pioneer at boot-up.

- Compatibility for further campaign.

The 2.4.7073 inform additionally includes:

- Tunneling IPv6 greater than IPv4 brings AnyConnect on Robot on-par with our support on extra platforms.

- Enhanced reconnect deeds.


NAMA ANDA - 04.34

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