Senin, 02 Januari 2012

Android Lost for android

Senin, 02 Januari 2012

Far-flung say your robot telephone from the internet or by SMS.

Skin texture Android Lost for android:

recite SMS inbox and sent

wipe telephone

bar telephone

erase SD license

locate by GPS or set of contacts

open alarm bell with irregular shield

dispatch SMS from net page

communication popup

further calls

far-flung position

telephone reputation: set, imei, etc

far-flung SMS alarm bell

far-flung SMS bar and unlock

far-flung SMS erase sd license

far-flung SMS wipe telephone

far-flung SMS APN say

open stopover GPS

open stopover WIFI

hold back from launcher

electronic message when SIM is tainted

make call on inventory

discover draw with overlook camera

discover draw with rear camera

engender a feeling of your telephone chat with book to discourse

SMS communication decree

SMS chat decree

bar timeout

touch up settings on snow boot

highest fathom from microphone

open and stopover figures tie from SMS

open and stopover WIFI tie from SMS

make happy browser prototype

The app does no polling to a attendant, so here is no especially set running.

Other information on the net location somewhere you say it from: http:www.androidlost.com.

If you have put out uninstalling then want recite the FAQ - here are quite a few one click solutions

Disclaimer: I have completed my dreadfully finest not to disaster positive something excluding by via this app you discover gorged accountability for what capacity crop up. I am not answerable if your telephone is bricked or a touch in addition testing happens.

Fresh changes Android Lost for android:

description 2.13

fitting UTF-8 tap (arabic,danish,etc. chars)

displaying folders earlier documents in make happy browser

For other information want spot the forum.

Android Lost for android


NAMA ANDA - 16.27

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