Kamis, 19 Januari 2012

RssDemon News & Podcast Reader

Kamis, 19 Januari 2012

RssDemon News & Podcast Reader is a powerful, clean and easy to use news and podcast reader. You subscribe to news, blogs, podcast feeds and read the feeds in the comfort of your mobile, with or without online access.

FEATURES RssDemon News & Podcast Reader:
Support all kind of news and blog formats (including not limited to RSS, ATOM, Podcast)
Offers advanced, cutting-edge capabilities, including the most comprehensive podcasting support available today.
Support downloads Podcast for offline playback
Support download full article (mobilize) for offline reading
Add your own news source and choose from predefined feeds and podcasts
Easy Search: You can search for a news source by simple keywords
Integration with Google Reader: Import all your RSS feeds from Google Reader into RssDemon is easy
Import/Export from and to OPML: You can easily import feed from OPML and Export through backup
View article comments/image
Full application Backup / Restore (all settings, feeds and articles)
Highly customizable UI and support multiple theme colors with both dark and light background (
Smart notification to alert user when new article become available
Easy share: Share feed article and news on many sources. Sharing it via Facebook, Twitter and Email is easy (Requires Facebook and Twitter Android app installed)
Easy sorting: User can define Sort Article by Unread/Read First, Date ASC/DESC and Title
User can create news shortcut on desktop
User can choose to use SDCard for cache storage and even move application to sdcard (app2sdcard)
Feed grouping: With feed grouping, user cans easily categorize and locate feed; user can switch between Group View and Flat View
Hide unread: Don't like to see unread feed or article, this option make it easy to navigate
Offline reading: RssDemon download and cache article and image locally for easy offline reading.
Automatic download for new article: User can also choose to download mobilize article and podcast automatically by application for any new article/podcast
HTTP-Auth/Password: for protected feed, user now can enter a http auth and password

Recent changes RssDemon News & Podcast Reader:
- Android: Fixed critical bug: Images file cache are not properly clean up (Thanks to Daniel Ricciotti)
- Android: Fixed critical bug: in some conditions, deleted articles are not cleared from database. Overtime, it could impact application performance
- Android: Fixed Ad show on Elite version
- Android: Change Default Keep Starred Unread to false instead of true
- Android: Updated 中文(繁体) (Chinese Traditional) language support (Thanks to Skywalkertw)
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the best news reader for android.. loving it!
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