Selasa, 21 Februari 2012

Battery Left Widget

Selasa, 21 Februari 2012

Features Battery Left Widget:

- Top status bar icon to show % battery power left (off by default, turn on in settings)
- Status bar notifications showing charge/discharge status & time/% left - Two highly customizable homescreen widgets (colors, levels etc) to show all aspects of battery power info including:
- predicted battery power % - predicted voltage % (for Motorola Droids & extended batteries)
- system battery power % - calibration accuracy - time left until battery power clear - time left until battery power is full (when charging)
- clock time that battery power may expire (12 and 24 hr)
- voltage - heat (Fahrenheit and Celsius)
- Shortcut buttons to battery power info, use and history (if reinforced in your device)
- Display battery power time left in hours and minutes via battery power calibration system with visual accuracy rating - Shows battery power % in 1% levels on Motorola Droids that by default only display 10% levels - PRO version: setup multiple battery power users for calibration - PRO version: grey/orange/red status bar notification icons dependent on battery power stage

PLEASE NOTE: To find the most accurate readings, calibration can take a number of days. Ask for your phone fully, leave it on ask for for several hours after it actually reaches fully, then let it run down completely until it turns off.

For further information, please read the FAQ - http: //preinvent. com/batteryleft

Recent changes Battery Left Widget:
- Updated status bar notification icons for better readability - PRO version: included orange and red icons that display dependent on battery power stage and low/medium levels placed in configuration - Resolved wrong notification reading on charging


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