Minggu, 08 Mei 2011

MyLifeOrganized (beta)

Minggu, 08 Mei 2011

MyLifeOrganized is an easy-to-use, yet powerful and intuitive, task manager. Designed to strike a balance between the simple and the complex, MyLifeOrganized succeeds where competitors have failed! Using an unlimited task hierarchy and the ability to focus on subsections, MyLifeOrganized allows you to build a task management system to suit your needs.

Break down large tasks to achieve a collection of reasonably sized actions that are easy and unambiguous. Organize your tasks into projects and assign contexts. If required set due date, priority and dependency. Once loaded with your information, MyLifeOrganized goes to work and prepares a simple list containing only next actions which require your immediate attention. This list is updated automatically once you complete a task, change context or move to other location.

Sync wirelessly with the world-class Windows Desktop version of MyLifeOrganized* to add even more power to your task management. You can use Wi-Fi (soon) or Cloud service. Using the MLO Cloud service**, you can sync with multiple computers at home and the office and share a single task list or collaborate with other people.

This is a fully-featured BETA version of MyLifeOrganized. Some features are still in development. You can use the beta version for free until the final product is released. After the final version is released, you will have a choice to continue using MyLifeOrganized for free in Lite mode, or purchase a license key to unlock the full feature set. Your data will be preserved after the upgrade. Use our forum for feedback since we cannot respond on Android Market.

✓ Hierarchical to-do list: organize your tasks into projects and break down large tasks until you have reasonably sized actions.
✓ Next Actions: automatically display only your next actions in different views such as Active by Context or Active by Project.
✓ Specially designed for GTD® (Getting Things Done®)
✓ MLO Smart To-Do Sorting based on Computed-Score priority
✓ Filter actions by context
✓ Inbox for rapid task entry
✓ Recurring and regenerating tasks
✓ Starred tasks: highlight your important tasks
✓ Zoom: concentrate on a specific branch of tasks
✓ Dependency: complete the tasks in a specific order
✓ Nearby view: get a list of actions for your current GPS location (soon)
✓ Bookmarks: jump quickly to any branch in your task outline
✓ Collaborate with other people using the MLO Cloud service**
✓ Sync to MyLifeOrganized for Windows* using MLO-Cloud sync service ** or Wi-Fi (soon) sync.
✓ Templates for different task management systems from GTD® to FranklinCovey and Do-It-Tomorrow are included in MyLifeOrganized for Windows to help you start quickly with your own task management system.

*MyLifeOrganized for Windows desktop task manager sold separately. Professional version 3.5.7 or higher required.

**MLO Cloud is a low-cost, fee-based subscription service allowing you to wirelessly sync your tasks between different MyLifeOrganized platforms.

- Wi-Fi sync: sync wirelessly to MyLifeOrganized for Windows Desktop connected to your LAN without additional costs or subscriptions
- Reminders
- Search
- and more

Latest version: (Beta) (for all Android versions)
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