Minggu, 08 Mei 2011

Google Docs App For Android | Google Docs Android

Minggu, 08 Mei 2011

Google Docs App For Android

Google Docs App For Android is one of the many applications of giant Google. Uses Google Docs itself is actually related to document management - document, at a glance if you open google docs then you will find a display that can be almost the same as the look on microsoft office.
Below are some uses of google docs for the android-like with microsoft office:

Word Processing. Function and their role is similar to 'Microsoft Office Word'.
Spreadsheets. The function and usefulness as 'Microsoft Office Excel'.
Presentations. The function and usefulness as 'Microsoft PowerPoint'.
And many other functions

But what becomes interesting is the fact Google has made and released Google Docs Aplkasi For Android, meaning users can get androd microsoft office facilities like this through their android gadgets. Interesting is not ...

With Google Docs App For Android, you can edit and save your work online with great ease. You also do not have to rely dnegan physical media such as hard disk or flash. You can do your work anywhere as long as connected to the Internet.

Google Docs To Android is not feature complete as Google Docs that can be accessed via a browser, this is because the application utuk android google docs still in the development stage, but the future full features will continue to be improved for the convenience of users. Google Docs Application For Android also recently available in one language support that is English, and certainly will be in kembangakan into other languages.

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