Minggu, 14 Agustus 2011

2x Battery - Battery Saver

Minggu, 14 Agustus 2011

you run out of battery? This software is developed in many extra hours of battery life intelligently and manage the mobile data connection.

No need to manually enter the data easier to transport. With this application, it saves energy and reduces your cost of a mobile data plan to periodically switch to data mode.

With this application you can easily extend the battery and always keep the synchronization of data occur.

★ intelligently manage the data connection when the device is in standby / sleep mode

★ Do not disable the data connection when the background data synchronization or data transmission is active

★ minimum runtime memory

★ Night Support (PRO)

★ completely configurable through the settings and every (PRO)

★ The ability to maintain the connection during charging

User settings are always a priority ★

★ Home screen widgets

★ Play sound on or off

★ most types of telephone support and carriers

What customers say:

★ just fantastic .. Battery lasts almost 20 hours compared to only 8 hours before my SGS2. (Dr_nurulsyakirin)

★ It works like a dream. Remove the battery of my days are filled almost completely. (Arnold)

★ This is awesome. I was a defender of juice, which worked well, but this will literally last for more than 3 hours. (Kelby)

★ Great ca. Keeps me from having to manually switch off mobile data to save power. (Alex)

★ Woo, really works! A must for all Android users! (Brother)

To avoid disturbing data assets, software monitors the data traffic and does not disable the connection until no more data is transmitted on the connection.

To change the mobile data connection name change can alter the APN APN. We use a different technology to manage mobile data. This is a better approach than APNdroid, BatteryFu, Green Power, APN OnOff, fast and other similar applications.

Android has already done a good job of managing the WiFi connection when the device is in sleep mode, so we only deal with mobile data for now. This application will not pass the wireless connection when the WiFi connection is active.

Do not install this application on SD card. If you have a mission to kill the application installed, this increases the killer application for the list of blocking activity.

If this program does not work on your device, please send me the log. Settings> More Settings> App Log> Menu> E-mail

We chose the I / O 2011 Google Developer Sandbox partners, its innovative design and advanced technology.

Last Updated:


★ real problems for CDMA devices

★ disable "Change Settings APN" option for CDMA devices


★ app optimized memory use, 90% discount

★ new option to play a sound when the screen on / off

★ new 20 minutes to activate the interval

★ display a warning if the NFC is used

★ display a warning if a wallpaper living together

★ said: "Set as Wallpaper" high-speed control

★ new "Stop the WiFi" option

★ new "Change Settings APN" option if you have trouble changing the mobile data

★ 2.1 device support

★ bugs fixed


NAMA ANDA - 22.35

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