Minggu, 14 Agustus 2011

Green Power Battery Saver FREE

Minggu, 14 Agustus 2011

Green Power FREE BATTERY SAVER offers many extra hours to your battery life!

** New: Gingerbread support for CDMA and GSM phones at a time!

** New: In addition to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Mobile Data

** New: Better MOBILE DATA: No more ruining the appointing authority, better stability and reliability!

Unlike other protective actions that require regular batteries user manuals (for example, extra battery or APNdroid), Green Power is fully automatic: Once configured, works and saves your battery. It does this intelligently manage WiFi, Bluetooth and mobile data (*): Stop when you do not, but to ensure minimal disruption: The function is activated when you need other applications (eg, retrieve e).

Similar, but simpler and cleaner and faster defender BatteryFu juice!

INSTALLATION AND REMEMBER (or take the time to configure, but it is not necessary)


* Supports most types of phones (both GSM and CDMA), and most of the carriers

* Support for Android Froyo & Gingerbread

* Change mobile using the API data cleansing (in Froyo and ginger) or rename digital camera (you choose)

* Most of the features available in the free version, unless marked with (*)


* Wifi MGMT: Based on the time, the status display, power connected, the signal level ...

* Mobile Data MGMT: Based on the program, the display mode, the power connected to the ...

* Mobile data MGMT: Rename internal or APN API

Bluetooth (*) MGMT: Based on the devices or in the range, power status display, etc.

Traffic Control *: configurable to avoid disturbing other applications

* Simple Widget (*): To pause or resume quickly

NIGHT * (*) was fully configurable, airplane mode ...

* Apply a very light and fast

* Easy and intuitive user interface

* Fully configurable settings

* 9 languages ​​(can be changed at runtime)

* And much more ...


* Support for the developer. I am responding to each e-mail.

* Regular updates with bug fixes and new features

The free version is supported by advertising.

Premium Features specific version:

Bluetooth -

- Widget

Night mode -

- No ads

- You feel good to support an independent developer ;-)


NAMA ANDA - 23.09

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