Senin, 26 Desember 2011

Medieval Castle Defense

Senin, 26 Desember 2011

[WorldStage Wing Update]

Further Earth and added stages opened

This game birds shows what classic tower defence is.

Create your towers to defend the castle from enemies pouring barred from camp.

Why isnt here pleasure game birds for robot?

Is here a game birds I may well have the benefit of on a automobile or subway?

Is here a game birds I may well have the benefit of when Im responding to the beckon of scenery?

Is here a rise completed vindication game birds?

If you had in the least of these judgment, we starkly recommand this game birds.

Decide your towers to attack alongside with thourgh 40 ample stages.

Tons of opponent with discrete abilities preference undertake to surmount your castle.

If you imagine that stages are to undemanding, undertake to reach the achievements.

Download the Great Pleasure on your minute robot for At no cost

1. Tower fast order

You start the ball rolling with barely 2 types of towers. Nevertheless you container advantage added towers as you understandable the stages.

Field gun, Hurtle, Leisurely Tower, Multi Shot Tower, Remaining Tower, Mana Drain Tower, Teleport Tower, Flood Field gun, Ballista, Gold Comsumption Tower decide your towers to stage your stratagem.

2. Opponent infantries

Tons of creatures, from rudimentary infantries to mana by means of priests, healers, shamans, damage ram with elite abilities, preference facet in this game birds.

3. Grading Order

Preference be graded based on how rise the playhouse is blank. Added you fail to see, with a reduction of you grasp.

4. Achievement Order

You imagine the stages are very undemanding? Undertake to reach the achievements.

It preference be challenging.

New changes:


Microbe set, Openning Earth 10


Earth 9 - 6 Stages

Microbe set.


NAMA ANDA - 09.38

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