Senin, 26 Desember 2011

Super Spy Camera+ Lite

Senin, 26 Desember 2011

★ Beginning Super Spy Camera+ Lite

it is probationary report.

A open spy camera has indoors

This is Super Camera Added to that had overcome the mistakes and weaknesses of the vacant spy camera

Dwell in who were mortified to haul films of themselves in open Dwell in who need to secretly limit films of your lover

Every one persons moments that you have to haul films devoid of a person calculating, Super Camera Added to command be present for you

※ This function is not planned for off-putting make use of. The developer is not dependable for at all off-putting make use of.

※ Want make use of this function positively. ♡

★ Skin

1. The close doesn’t progress to at all fjord.

2. You have the alternative to set the toast.

3. You have the alternative to vista the preview.

★ How to Make use of

1. Stream the function afterward downloading it. (You bottle grasp down in the dumps the Examination push button to Stream.

2. Urge the push button to haul a epitome. (The toast command tell you the setting of the saved categorizer.

★ Configuration Super Spy Camera+ Lite

1. Urge the Configuration push button.

2. You bottle oppress the motion backdrop and the toast backdrop and vista the preview.

Tip. You bottle haul a epitome devoid of a person calculating if you rotation off the toast notification backdrop and vista the preview.

※ If the series turns off or doesn’t vocation although charming a epitome, choice the motion in the configuration and put on trial once more. Present are round about differences between the skin of the hardware.

※ 2.1 report less than is to be had merely landscapemode.

★ This is a probationary. If you pay money for the inclusive report, present command be no watermark in the epitome, and you bottle in addition choice the preview backdrop and toast backdrop. Do you need to pay money for the additional suitable Super Spy Camera?

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Current changes:

covered passage push button attach

livewallpaper virus secure

abut camera magnitude virus secure


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